Thursday, 10 July 2014

spread the good word, my darlings

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Celina in Paris

Celina in Paris
l'aventure d'un an .:. the one year adventure
  • Les Parents à Paris

    If you know my parents, you know how lucky I am to have gotten the crème de la crème (if you don’t know my parents… well, just assume they have a high chance of being better than at least one of your parents…). These last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of hosting mes [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: Algeria in the World Cup

    Algeria just beat Korea, and my neighborhood is going ape-shit crazy. Every fucking honk and yell and celebratory flag-wave makes me hear/see/think of The Boy and it’s driving me fucking nuts. Note to self: don’t break up with someone from a foreign nationality before the god-damn World Cup.

  • Rain in June – The 9 Month Mark

    Rain in June is as icky as it sounds. Add to that an overpriced plumbing repair, a breakup, the hassle of moving and a gaggle of other problems squeezed into one week and you’ve got a recipe for bad times. Today, the 18th, is my official 9-month anniversary of arriving in Paris (and my dad’s [...]

  • The Lost Post

    Had major issues with so in the meantime – a mini post with all the photos that would have otherwise been in a blog on June 10th.

    Becky then Rossana visited me here in Paris (the latter leaves tomorrow morning). Went to Disneyland, Barcelona, and various places around Paris. Saw a condom selling [...]

  • Bingo Wings

    Something weird is happening on the admin side of Celina in Paris*, so my apologies for the lack of photos here. I wanted to throw out a fast update of this past week, and I’ll roll in photos into my next post once the site is fixed.

    *Update June 11 – See the bottom of [...]

  • Everything Under the Sun

    Sunday the 11th was the last day the Foire of Paris, a world-expo style trade show happening since 1904. As their website says, “Once upon a time in 1889, a jeweler named Gustave Sandoz informed the press of a project he had set his heart on, “Wouldn’t it be possible to extend [...]

  • The Apartment Saga Continues

    Thursday May 1 was the European Labor Day/International Worker’s Day, cleverly called Le Premier Mai. Apart from having the day off from school or work, the French give a muguet or Lily of the Valley, to their loved ones to wish them bonheur (and, legally, anyone can sell this flower tax-free on this day). The [...]

Welcome to PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 January 2013 14:07

Welcome, good to have you here. Would you like a drink? I can't get you anything, because obviously you're on a website and that's just silly, but I thought I'd ask because it's polite.

First off, you should check out Celina in Paris, my new project detailing the adventures of my preparations for and soon-to-be life in France.

Peak around. Below are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. To my right, my Twitter. Obvi, there's some overlap because I'm a 20-something who pushes some of the same content to multiple social media outlets (some would call that multi-tasking... some are also just lazy).

I'm awesome, and since you're here, you must be, too. Nice to awesome meet you.

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